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Arriva's "wireless" Shuffle stereo headphones for 4th Generation (4G, the new Shuffle) & 2nd Generation (2G) iPod Shuffle

We have adapted our Shuffle headphones to work with the new Apple iPod Shuffle (4th generation), for additional security during the most active wear, elastic bands are included. We found the adapted Shuffle 4G headphone work great even with the tacky rubber band included, and the voice over functions work. There are only a limited number of adapted headphones available at this time and when gone there will be no others. We have no plans for a Shuffle 4G specific headphone. When used with a 3.5 mm headphone extension cord they turn into wired headphones.

Two types of earbuds and headphone colors available
White headphones have iPod type earbuds
Black headphones have in-ear type earbuds

2 Sizes
Small - kids or smaller heads, 9.5" or less (from ear canal to ear canal around the back of the head)
Regular - all other sizes, 9.5" - 11"
If your head is larger than 7 5/8 (or 11") please email us info@arriva.com re size

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