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Comfort matters! Denver Post says so, "Arriva's Leo beats the other two in comfort" Oct 2012

Check out this review from David Pogue, New York Times,
ingenious-new-earbuds-from-arriva May 2012

Proof the Leo can be worn while mountain biking Apr 2012

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a very deserved 4.5 out of 5   Jan 2012

Review by CNET
"lightweight wireless Bluetooth headphone that fits securely on your head and is designed for sports activities"   Dec 2011

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"it worked brilliantly with Siri when paired with our iPhone 4S"  Nov 2011

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"The Leo is the best sounding and most comfortable Bluetooth headset I have ever owned."
  Nov 2011

Review from Audio Video Clan
What you need to know about the tough Arriva LEO Bluetooth headset

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"I'm not sure how I ever lived without it"

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June 2013 Received this review from a customer who wishes to remain anonymous;
"I have used many wireless headsets while exercising, the Leo wireless is by far the best. It doesn't loose blue tooth connection during exercise like the Jabra wireless headset. (it was very annoying) The leo sound quality is very good, it's comfortable, and the controls are easy to use."

Received !Thank you ! Here you can publish this on your site... :   '' I've had S-9 Motorola, S-9 HD also, I've also had BackBeat 903 from Plantronics.Tried Novero's Rockaway's...   None !   I repeat, NONE of them was significantly good. They were average, no more! The sound was crappy, and i know what i'm talking about, being in the musical trade and sound for a long while.   On the other hand, i was perplex of the quality of sound of the ''Leo's'' by Arriva... Well, let me tell you what an astounding surprise it was when , after a few minutes of fixing them to perfectly fit on my head, i got them on...   WOW!   Incredibly crisp, excellent bass response with the in-ear plug instead of the foam model.(Some of you may prefer ''acoustibuds'', i don't) Also, I don't quite understand why people are ''yaking and cursing'' about the adjustment to the head, my god, it takes only a few minutes, are you so in a rush? Come on! Give Arriva a chance, and give yourself a chance too. You will not regret your purchase!''   Sincerely,   Gilles Cormier - Oct 2012

Hi -
I just got my LEOs today. They are awesome! What great sound.
FYI - mine were at full volume when I started them up with music and they are loud. You may want to instruct people to turn the volume down prior to playing music the first time. It was a shocker.
Thanks! I love them.

I received the Arriva bluetooth headset today. They were easy to set up and link with my iphone. They are very comfortable and I like how positive they feel on my head...they will stay where I put them even with a bunch of head movement. They sound great and can get very loud. Controls are logical and easy to use and I like the changing color of the indicator light to let me know the status of various functions. This is the best bluetooth and maybe the best ipod type headphone I have owned. I haven't used it yet for a phone call, so I am curious to see how well it sounds to the receiver of my call. I'm sure it will sound great!! Thank you for designing and producing such a great product. I really like my Arriva bluetooth headset!!

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