How to custom fit your Leo

Shaping the Leo

Additional tips

Click on image below to enlarge, double click to reduce size

The big loop should go up, over and around the ear

as shown in this picture.
To eliminate bounce Leo needs to be snug around the head, no gaps.

For a perfect fit

your Leo should look something like this with Acoustibuds pointing inwards.

If, when turning your head the earpiece pops out of your ear
it may be too tight, straighten out the last little loops to stretch out the Leo a lttle, as shown in this picture.

Also create a 'hook' on the earpiece to help hold the Leo in place
as shown in this picture.

To make the Leo smaller

pinch loop together as shown.

To make even smaller

gently pinch last loop as shown above

For a more custom fit

you can bend and curve the armature
to custom fit your ear and head

When changing earbuds

align earbud center with hole in earpiece

One size fits most!

Another way to wear the Leo!
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