How to use the Leo 


Before you begin, make sure that both your Smartphone and the Leo are fully charged.  (The light on the Leo will turn blue when plugged into power cord).


To pair the Leo to a Smartphone for the first time:


1.     First turn on the Bluetooth function on your Smartphone.

2.     To put the Leo in Pairing Mode, press and hold power button on Leo, powerbutton.jpg, the blue light will flash blue twice then become solid purple color (release the power button).

3.     You should see your phone “discover” and connect to “Arriva Leo” (if you are asked for a pin use 0000, you can set up your own pin at that time).



The next time you connect to your Smartphone, press Arriva Leo listed under Bluetooth Devices and press and hold power button on Leo until blue light turns solid then release, you will see on your phone “Headset paired or connected”.  You may have to press Arriva a second time until it says connected.


To use headphones once connected …


To make a call using your Leo, simply dial the number as usual on your phone.


End the call by tapping the power button on your Leo, or by tapping the "End Call" button on the Phone.


Tap power button on the Leo to answer calls, press and hold for 1 second to refuse calls and send to voicemail. To transfer calls from Leo to phone, (while connected to call) press and hold power button for 1 second.

To pause and mute music, tap power button.


leo+.jpg To increase volume, tap + button, to skip forward press and hold for 1 second


leo-.jpg To decrease volume, tap – button, to skip back press and hold for 1 second. Total volume is 8 steps, default is level 5.


To turn off Leo press and hold power button until light turns red then release.

Low battery – light will flash red.


While using your phone to listen to media, you may want to try placing phone in different pockets (back pocket) or locations. Bluetooth does have its quirks and the sound can cut out at times. Once you’ve found the perfect location this should stop.