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How to fit your headphone:

You may get the perfect fit out of the box but you can adjust your headphones to fit you specifically. The headphones grow more and more comfortable the more you wear them.

    First take the headphones and gently tighten the sinusoidal bends to make them smaller.

    Take the headphones and place behind the head.

    Gently pull forward with the ear section until it lines up with your ears.
    Make sure the earbuds are pointing in your ears as if pointing forward or back they will pop out when wearing.

    Take the formed ear sections and roll over the top of your ears. If too tight a fit remove from ears and gently pull forward  and if need repeat until desired snugness is found.

    If the fit is too loose gently compress the sinusoidal bends making the size smaller.

       You can make slight adjustments to the curve of the headphones to fit the shape of your head.

      When doing active sports a snugger fit works best with a looser fit during relaxed wear.
      If you stretch your headphones out or crush them in a pack, bag or during storage just remold them to fit.

    If you find the earbuds pop out of the ear first check to make sure you have the correct size silicone plug or
    gently bend the section just above the earbud in a slight crescent shape . 

    Silicone Plugs:  

  • The headphones come with three different sized silicone plugs. Unless you know the size desired try all three sizes to find out which fits you best.  
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