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About Arriva -


We started making headphones when competing in triathlons and needed music to help get through the grueling training. Music really helps to make training/working out so much more enjoyable.


Our first successful headphone, Wired, came out in 2006 and still selling as the wire runs down the center of your back and as one reviewer wrote “that clings to your head like a hungry squid when fitted correctly.“


Then our Shuffle headphones which David Pogue wrote "They may just be the best tech idea of the year." ... Sept 18th 2008.


Next was the Leo our Bluetooth headphones again David Pogue wrote “ingenious-new-earbuds-from-arriva” … May 2012.


Then the glitch .. we were approached by a group in July 2013 who wanted to use our design in their Sports Bluetooth headphone, we were thrilled. World wide distribution in place, brilliant US marketing team and we would get royalties. We received these headphones in June 2014, while not thrilled with design or sound we thought they would work. Within 6 months the 2 entities involved fell out and lawsuits ensued, we were stuck in the middle and told to stop selling them. The setback was huge for us, lost several years in not having a product to sell.


But we’re back!


Now we’re bringing back our Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless, Stereo, Sports Headphones (Leo 5).


Our goals: Wireless, handsfree communications for when you need your hands and eyes for more important tasks. Our headphones are designed to move with you, not against you becoming a wearable you forget you are wearing! Best fitting headphones!


Designed, developed and tested in Telluride, Colorado.


Leo 5 Bluetooth 5.0, best fitting wireless, Bluetooth Sports Headphones




  • Dual microphones in earpieces.
  • Interchangeable in-ear earbuds.
  • Customizable fit.
  • Wear under helmets, hats & with glasses.
  • Up to 2x bandwidth of Bluetooth 4.2 with low energy.
  • Up to 4x range of Bluetooth 4.2 with low energy.
  • Up to 8x the broadcasting message capacity over Bluetooth 4.2, with support for larger data packets.
  • Ability to offload advertising date from the 3 advertising channels to up to 37 broadcasting channels
  • Detect and prevent interference.



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Shuffle Headphones - The Eddy -Great price $30 + S&H

 We at Arriva are proud to introduce  The “Eddy” – iPod Shuffle headphones (latest generation Shuffle), wireless waterproof headphones for swimming or any aquatic activity, SUP, kayaking or anytime you might get very wet! It’s also two headphones in one! The Eddy also comes with a speaker wire with mic (not waterproof) so you can plug it into any media device or smartphone for a wired headphone.

How to fit Eddy Video


Currently out of stock!

Interested in a refurbished Eddy? Please contact us

Wired headphones! $6.95 + S&H.


Active wear wired stereo headphones

… “headphones are comfortable and literally stick to your head”


Comfortable to wear all day long.

No other headphone stays in place better.

Our headphones are made for extreme active wear.

Wear under a helmet, with a hat, with glasses or with goggles.

Our design fits like a soft spring.

One size fits all.

Our discreet design is unnoticeable to others.

Utility patent pending.


30 day unlimited no-question guarantee against defects.




Review by Runner's World:

"The Arrivas were designed for snowboarders and rock climbers who need headphones that won't budge. They sport a zigzag wraparound wire that clings to your head like a hungry squid when fitted correctly."


Review by Joe Marruchella – Marathoner – 3/9/2010

To Jam or not to jam ..


Review by




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Wired headphones - Active wear wired stereo headphones
Wired headphones - Active wear wired stereo headphones

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