Bluetooth headphone
v2.1 + EDR
Bluetooth headphone, stereo, wireless, water resistant headphones

  • Microphone in earpiece
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Comfortable, lightweight


Arriva's "wireless" Shuffle stereo headphones for iPod Shuffle (2nd & 4th generation)

new shuffle headphones

... "one of the best (and most liberating) solutions to listening to music while you work out" ...


Active wear Wired stereo headphones
comfortable, wired headphones
... "headphones are comfortable and literally stick to your head"

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Here is our big announcement!

We have formed a partnership with Blaupunkt Personal Audio who will be introducing our Bluetooth 4.0 headphones along with their full line of new and exciting personal audio devices.

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Coming soon!

Clearance Sale on all old inventory, contact us for discounts on multiples.
Leo’s, Shuffle 2G, 4G and Sports wired headphones at discounted prices while they last!

Special $59.95 + S&H! Hurry limited quantity in stock!
The Leo, wireless, stereo, comfortable, lightweight, flexible Bluetooth sport headphones. Sweat and water resistant, tough enough for the extreme sports.

Quote from one reviewer "This is my strangest looking gadget, but I love it. It form fits my head, has great battery life, and sounds awesome. I normally use this while exercising, walking the dog, or working in the yard. Awesome headset." Read more reviews like this here . Review tab.

Check out our wireless Shuffle headphones for 2nd and 4th generation Shuffles.

Read more reviews like this "Hooray! No more dangling, flapping ipod wires when you're out for a run" here, Reviews tab.

And our wired headphones,
"Another feature I like is that the cord comes straight down the middle of the back of the ear phones - keeping it from swinging around in front of me interfering with my arms or my water bottles during a long run. To me this is honestly a 5-star product:" Read more reviews ,here

We thank you so much for being great customers and devotees of our headphones, we made them for us and really appreciate you like them too.

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Check out these cool videos of Dustin, snowboarding, wearing Arriva Shuffle headphones under that helmet!